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Kickstarting Your Successful
Social Media Strategy

Two-part session

Here’s what many organizations think: social media is about updating your audience on what you did today — and getting that information out asap. Well, social media is so much more than that. 

Social media is where you prove your impact every single day. It’s where you capture your audience’s attention and engage them by amplifying the best of what you do. And that all starts with a top-notch strategy, social media goals, and best practices that drive your engagement.


Following a Discovery Session where we get to know your organization, we will devise a social media strategy that will set goals and ensure you meet those goals. You’ll come away with a deep understanding of your competition online, where the opportunities exist for you to drive attention, action items for you to move forward quickly and efficiently, as well as templates to do so. 

Overcoming Your Competitors Online

Two-part session

One crucial step to getting eyes on your organization is knowing your competitors. Who are they? What are they doing well? How can you tap into — and grab — some of their success? 

Following a Discovery Session where we get to know your organization — mission, vision, and goals — we’ll dig deep into your competitors and other similar organizations that are worth your time. We’ll showcase their winning formula as well as the opportunities they present, and share where there are gaps that you can fill. Plus, we’ll expose timely trends that will ensure your organization gets ahead now and in the future.

Communicating & Amplifying Your Organization’s Impact

1.5 Hour Workshop

What does positive impact look like to your organization? How do you know when you’ve achieved your goals — in the short-term and long-term? And how do you communicate that impact to your community, audience, and beyond? Consistently communicating your impact is core to delivering on your promise — and creating more impact for more people. So, move away from sharing updates and happenings to showcasing impact and growth. 

In this interactive session, we’ll define what impact on many levels means to your organization. Then, we’ll dive into how you can showcase that impact in both big and small ways, create a winning case for your organization, and attract more customers who want the impact that your organization nurtures and delivers. 

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