Who we are

We're a team of creative writers, intent listeners, deep thinkers, and incredible communicators. Smart and versatile, we've got experience in far-reaching fields -- from nonprofit to tech. Best of all, we're as passionate about the written word as we are about customer service. You'll love working with us. Everyone does. 

Rachel Sales, Chief Communicator

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Rachel is a writer and entrepreneur. Hyper-focused, hyper-communicative, and hyper-curious, Rachel thrives on creating.  At Enunciate, Rachel works with clients all over the world to expand their audience, grow their reach, generate buzz, and revitalize their online presence. From social media campaigns to custom magazines, video scripts to newsletters, and blog posts to e-blasts, Rachel is an expert at producing marketing and public relations projects that capture clicks, likes, and hearts. 


Before launching Enunciate, Rachel co-founded Pink Pangea, publishing thousands of travel articles and running international writing retreats for women. Rachel has a BA and an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University.  She spends her days doing exactly what she loves.

Get in touch at rachel@enunciate.xyz

Margarita Lappost, Project Manager

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Margarita has worked in public relations and marketing for several years, providing press outreach, social media management, brand development, and event planning for clients in the fashion, art, and non-profit sectors. Margarita graduated from Baruch College with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in psychology.

Olivia Marcus, Content Strategist


Olivia is a versatile writer and communicator driven by projects with a soul. She was previously at ADL (The Anti-Defamation League), where she streamlined ADL’s incisive new branding for its twenty-six regional offices and produced several large-scale live events. Olivia is a graduate of American University with a B.A. in Jewish studies and a minor in communication. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Kylie Ora Lobell, Copywriter


Kylie Ora Lobell is a writer, marketer, and publicist in Los Angeles. She has written for Aish, The Jewish Journal of LA, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Tablet, The Forward, JTA, and the LA Times. She wrote the first children's book for the children of Jewish converts, "Jewish Just Like You."

Liz Shemaria, Copywriter


Liz Shemaria is an Italy-based journalist and third-generation Northern Californian. Her projects have led her to a solo trek in Himalaya, artists' studios in military-ruled Burma, and kitchens in Italy's Valtellina valley. She is a founding editor of the travel publication Hidden Compass. Her byline is in more than a dozen media outlets, including Fodor's guidebooks, AFAR, BBC Travel, and Roads & Kingdoms. She earned a BA in art history and MJ in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley. Spontaneous dance parties are essential to her creative process.